The «Fitting» service is free.
  1. Delivery of the selected item in two different sizes (provided availability) is available only when ordering goods in Moscow and the Moscow region.
  2. Service «Fitting» must be pre-ordered on the site or through the manager of the store by phone: +7 (495) 776-87-80.
  3. The maximum time the courier is at the buyer is 15 minutes.
Fitting can only be carried out in premises, allowing the presence of a courier.
  • Transferring the order for fitting outside the scope of the courier (for example, in buildings with checkpoint, public places, etc.) is possible only after the deposit of a deposit in the amount of full cost of the sample goods.
  • After «Fitting» in Moscow, the buyer pays the courier only value selected goods, the courier provides the buyer all the shipping documents.
  • In the case of full refusal by the buyer from the delivered order offset the cost of delivery (Moscow) — 350 ₽.
  • According to the Moscow (including Moscow districts, located beyond the Moscow Ring Road), the delivery is paid in any case, in the amount of 550 ₽.