Shipping cost does not include customs taxes and fees. We ask you to clarify in advance the rules for receiving goods at the customs office of your country and the rules for paying customs taxes and fees.
Delivery by courier

LN Family online store offers a worldwide delivery upon receiving 100% payment. Shipping cost will be calculated while placing an order. We cooperate with DHL Express and EMS (USPS) shipping companies. Each shipment has a unique tracking number to help you locate your package. As soon as your garments are shipped, expect to receive a text message confirmation with a tracking number. Thank you for choosing LN Family.

Courier services
  1. Courier service DHL express 8-495-956-10-00
  2. Courier service EMS Russian Post 8-800-200-50-55
Europe and far abroad:
Delivery without fitting DHL express to the door. Delivery time depends on your city. 3 500 ₽
Delivery without fitting EMS Russian Post door to door. Delivery time depends on your city. 1 800 ₽